April 4, 2007

Interview on Norwegian Home Page

Intensive interview about board games is available on Norwegian home page, Brettspillguiden.

Your comments are much appreciated!

March 30, 2007

English manual on PDF

Except for SoccerChess and Warumono 2, all Grapac games are available only in Japanese. Followings are English manuals for these games. Your inquiries and interest in these games will give us an opportunity to release multi-linugal versions for these games! Let me know what you think about our games.

Baseball Game GOUWAN STRIKE   Gouwan Strike Manual

3 on 3 Basketball Game DUNK JAM   Dunk Jam Manual

Gekishin K. O.   Gekishin K. O. Manual

Racing GameOval Trick   Oval Trick Manual

Diving GameFun Dive   Fun Dive Manual

Japanese Original GameHow About Playing GATEBALL?   How About Playing GATEBALL? Manual

Vampire GameINGA   INGA Manual


February 2, 2007

Grapac games on BoardGameGeek

Multi-lingual board games of Grapac have been introduce in the world famous website: BoardGameGeek!
Check out the cinematic board game, Warumono 2, and the tactical football game, SoccerChess (formerly known as Regista).