Watch as the game develops on the board using actual soccer strategies. Become both manager and playmaker, taking control in your own unique way to lead your team to victory!
Comes with a multilingual rule book, including Japanese, English and German. Overcome the language and culture barrier, and battle it out against each other, one soccer theory against another!

playtime 30minutes player 2 players age 12-adult @

An Intellectual Soccer Game - Where the Strategy Board Becomes the Game!

Sharpen your strategy and utilize a variety of formations to defeat your opponent.
Dribble and link passes together, then shoot. Recreate realistic player movements on the board, as though you were playing chess. You call the shots on this pitch!

Manage your players freely with a variety of formations

You are free to use any of a number of formations, such as "3-5-2", "4-4-2" and "4-4-3".
Create and use your own formations as well!

Burst down the wing and fire in a cross! Bring the pitch into your very own room

Position your players the way you want to, and target your opponentŐs goal. Use open space, and launch decisive raids. From time to time, send the ball forward from the second line of attack, or make a killer pass with your playmaker, and seal the match.

Realistic game developments, using a variety of strategies

Attacking ploys, such as counterattacks, post play, and switching the attack; defensive tactics such as zone pressing and offside traps - experience the thrills of soccer by employing actual soccer strategies in SOCCERCHESS.


Here, the basics of player piece selection and positioning are introduced. Feel free to try formations such as these or others of your own in the game.

By having just 3 DF pieces, this formation makes it easy to push the defense line up. This is a well-balanced system, and switches from attack to defense can be made quickly.
Being mindful of the battle on the wings, this formation is notable for its row of MF pieces side-by-side.

This system emphasizes defensive strength over attacking power. Defend stubbornly in front of your goal, and attack your opponentŐs goal with high-speed breaks.
By having one defensive MF piece, this formation is more suited to an aggressive battle than the [3-5-2] pattern.

Being mindful of the battle up the centre, this formation positions the MF pieces in a diamond pattern, striking a good balance between attack and defense.
This formation allows you to emphasize control of the ball in the midfield.

This is a very attacking formation, with 3 FW pieces.


soccerchess board image

• Gameboard: 1
• Player pieces: 30
(Blue x 15; Red x 15)
• Ball: 1
• Dice: 2 (Blue x 1; Red x 1)
• Scoreboard: 1
• Manual (this booklet): 1